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There is always room for Transformation

I have recently qualified as an holistic Health Coach, a Deep Transformational Coach and as a Dance Practice Mental Wellbeing Coach.

You may ask if you need any of these or perhaps all?

As you well know, I believe in the power of dance and the potential impact it has on both mental and physical well being.

As a Health Coach my role is to support you in making lifestyle, diet and exercise changes and help you reach your health goals and live your life better.

As a Transformational Coach I can help you embody and express your self by shifting your attention to what is emanating from deep within. Provide a vibrant and healthy space to listen to what your highest self is telling you. You may be on the cusp of trying to find out who you really are but can’t figure out how to reach it.

I am here to help.

Live, Love, Dance and Transform


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